Monday, January 15, 2018

Don’t Keep Beating Yourself Up Over Past Poor Credit

Daniel Sater - Nationally Recognized Credit Expert   1-10-2018

Many consumers give up on their credit when they have gone threw a tough time which caused their credit to be damaged. They somehow feel their credit is damaged forever. Not true. After all, you get a “New Life” after 7 years has past. No negative account can stay on for more than 7 years when it will drop off your credit report! (With the exception of Bankruptcy and some accounts under Federal law)

Over the Years Your Credit Will Improve Without You Doing Anything.
That’s right! As each year passes, the “mathematical predictability” of you defaulting on any account become less and less, meaning that you will have fewer and fewer points taken from your credit scores. This is how credit scoring models work. The more recent the event that caused damage, the more points you will lose.

An Example of How Credit Damage Works Over Time
When I was still doing mortgages, I had a couple come into my office with every account held jointly. The husband also had 27 collections and charged off accounts from 5 and 6 years prior. The difference in their scores caused by these 27 negative accounts? – Just 30 points was the difference in their credit scores. The damage diminishes rapidly over time.

The Sooner You Get Your Credit Back on Track…the More Money You Will Save; the Better Credit You Will Qualify For to Add to Your Credit Profile.
Although your credit life can be self-healing, it only happens over time. It is important to add new credit and dispute accounts that are inaccurate or incomplete. We have help thousands of clients remove damaging accounts resulting in re-building their credit scores.

Another Secret for Getting Back to Higher Credit Scores
Once you are in negative territory, you are only compared and scored against others who have a similar profile with damaged credit. Anything you do to separate yourself from those others, can get you better scores faster.
The key is reestablishing positive credit. Two ways you can do this if you have little remaining credit, is to become an Authorize User on a credit card of a family member and to open a Secured Credit Card, but, you will need to deposit a good amount of money in a savings account at the bank. Small amounts won’t do much for you or your credit.
Another Way…
You can also get a merchant card in your name reporting to all three credit bureaus with a $5,000 credit limit. Drop me a note at and I can send you the information sheet with a link to sign up.
We ARE the experts in Credit Repair. Our founder, Daniel Sater, is a Nationally Recognized Credit Expert, Speaker & Author, and a Certified FICO Professional who also trains and coaches numerous Credit Repair Companies across the country and speaks at industry conferences. We are the people that other credit repair companies go to for answers.

With Credit Scoring Advisor you get personalized, not computerized service from someone who will fight for you to improve your credit profile. Dan handles every file personally to ensure the best results for our clients. You have continued access throughout our process to a recognized credit expert.
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